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"Leading escalator for both efficiency and comport"

KET's industry-leading escalators optimize the flow of people in airports and metro and train stations around the globe. They also improve the use of every floor in shopping malls, department stores and convention centers worldwide. That’s because our escalators are safe, reliable and rugged.

Whether you opt for a standard product configuration or a tailor-made solution, our escalators are the perfect blend of eye-catching design, exceptional efficiency and enhanced flexibility and comfort

"Right partner for your business"

Escalators are used globally in malls, stations, airports, convention centers, and other areas where many people need to move between floors quickly. Escalators are also found in amusement parks, cruise ships, and other recreational areas. They provide an efficient and safe way to move large numbers of people quickly and conveniently between floors. Escalators are also convenient for people with disabilities and the elderly, as they require less effort when compared to stairs. If you are looking for a company for the installation of escalator, look no further than KET.

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